Master's in Finance 

Students enrolled in the Master's of Finance have the opportunity to apply for a Double Degree with Emlyon Business School or University of Groningen. Students who successfully complete the DDM programme curriculum, satisfy the graduation requirements of both Parties and will be awarded two separate, nationally recognised, Master's degree certificates in Finance. 

In addition to the two degree certificates, DDM programme graduates will receive a diploma supplement from each Party, in which is mentioned that the degree is awarded within the framework of the DDM programme in Finance.

Emlyon Business School, France

The programme at Emlyon is delivered in Lyon and Paris with two learning trips abroad. 4 specialisations are available for you to choose within the MSc in Finance. At the end of the programme you are invited to apply for an internship. See more information on the web

No further thesis is required for the degree at Emlyon. The length of the program is two semesters.

Double Degree candidates shall pay tuition fees at Emlyon business school for the period of studies. The tuition fee is 16 000.

University of Groningen, The Netherlands

At University of Groningen you will the first semester of their MSc in Finance programme during the Autumn semester, September to January. Below you find an overview of the courses. NB there might be minor changes in the range of courses.

DDM semester 3 (Groningen MSc Finance)
semester I acompulsoryEBM008B05Corporate Finance for MSc FinanceEnglish5
semester I acompulsoryEBM015B05Portfolio TheoryEnglish5
1 of the following 5 EC courses (MSc Economics/Econometrics)  
semester I aelectiveEBM826A05Advanced Industrial OrganizationEnglish5
semester I aelectiveEBM043A05Business EthicsEnglish5
semester I aelectiveEBM095A05Growth and Development PoliciesEnglish5
semester I aelectiveEBM096A05International Banking and FinanceEnglish5
3 of the following 5 EC electives English15
semester I belectiveEBM071A05 Responsible Finance and Investing English5
semester I belectiveEBM045A05International Financial Reporting (MSc)English5
semester I belectiveEBM007C05Corporate Valuation for MSc FinanceEnglish5
semester I belectiveEBM166A05Energy and FinanceEnglish5


You can read about the courses here:

Information about MSc in Finance at University of Groningen:

No further thesis is required for the degree at University of Groningen. The length of the program is one semester.

Double Degree candidates shall pay tuition fees at University of Groningen for the period of studies. Students from EU/EEA: approximately € 1040. Students from non-EU/EEA: approximately € 7325.


  •  Student is registered for full-time studies within the program at the School of Economics and Management.
  •  Student has completed semester 1. 

Requirements to go

All nominations are conditional, i.e. students need to have passed semester 1 and 2 to be able to go. Individual exceptions for Master Essay 1 can be made if approved by program director.


Students eligible to receive Swedish study aid, CSN, will still be able to receive their monthly payments during their semester abroad.

Residence permit and Student Visa

If you are a non-EU citizen with a Swedish residence permit, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. Contact Lund University's migration expert Louise Corrigan before you leave for your semester abroad, to make sure that you are on top of the situation.

Application procedures

Application is open 11-15 February. 

1. Access the online application system. 

2. Create an account and log in during the application period to fill in your personal information and upload your supporting documents. Select Emlyon Business School or University of Groningen from the list of universities. Instructions on how to submit your application available here.

The application should include:

1. CV

2. Short motivational letter, not more than one page. 

A confirmation e-mail with information if you have been admitted to the exchange program will be sent out within the month of February.

For questions, contact Rikke Barthélemy or the International Office at LUSEM.

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