Master's in International Strategic Management

Students enrolled in this programme will have an opportunity to compete for acceptance to a Double Degree with Deakin University at their Melbourne campus. After completing the one-year Master's in International Strategic Management (60 credits), you can take an additional trimester (4 units, July-November) in Australia at Deakin University. You do not need to write another thesis. You apply in February, during your second semester in Lund.

After the successful completion of the Master's in International Strategic Management at Lund University and successful completion of the courses at Deakin University, students will receive a Master's degree certificate in Business and Economics with a major in Business Administration from Lund University and a Master of Commerce (specializing in marketing) from Deakin University. 

Requirements to apply

  • Student is registered for full-time studies within the programme at the School of Economics and Management.
  • Student has completed semester 1. 
  • Student fulfills the language requirements as set by the host university
Requirements to go
  • All nominations are conditional, i.e. LUSEM students need to have passed semester 1 and 2 to be able to go. Individual exceptions for Master Essay can be made if approved by programme director.

Course selection 

Students will be enrolled in the course MPM755 Building Success in Commerce (Core unit). In addition, students should take 3 marketing units selected from:

·         MMK738 Integrated Marketing Communication
·         MMK739 Strategic Brand Management
·         MPK736 International Marketing
·         MMPK713 Consumer behavior
·         MMK751 Services Marketing

More information about the Master of Commerce can be found here.

Tuition fees 

Students who do not pay tuition fees in Sweden are not required to pay tuition fees at the host university. Tuition-fee-paying students who are citizens of a non-EU/EEA country must pay a tuition fee to Lund University during their exchange semester, but not to Deakin University.


If you are eligible to receive Swedish study aid, CSN, you will still be able to receive your monthly payments while you are in Australia.


Students are not covered by insurance issued through Lund University. 

The Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Sweden and Australia may cover the costs for medically necessary care in Australia for students with a Swedish passport, hence Swedes do not need the overseas student health cover (OSHC) to come to Australia on a student visa. Some other countries have signed the same agreement with Australia, please check what applies if you are not a Swedish citizen. You will find more information about the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement on the Australian Government website.

Residence permit and Student Visa

If you are a non-EU citizen with a Swedish residence permit, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. Contact Lund University’s migration expert Louise Corrigan before you leave for your semester abroad, to make sure that you are on top of the situation.

Students of most nationalities need to apply for a student visa to study in Australia. You will find more information on how to apply, requirements, costs etc here

Application procedures to study at Deakin University during the July-November trimester 2019 The application should include:

Application is open 11-15 February. 

1. Access the online application system. 

2. Create an account and log in during the application period to fill in your personal information and upload your supporting documents. Select Deakin University from the list of universities. Instructions on how to submit your application available here.

The application should include:

1. CV

2. Transcript from your undergraduate studies if not from Lund University (the transcript should state the courses of your undergraduate degree and the grades you have obtained).

3. Academic and Career Aspirations Letter (ACA-Letter). In the ACA-Letter you are to explain how you believe your future career ambitions could benefit from you achieving a Master of Commerce from Deakin University. The ACA-letter should be maximum 4000 characters.  

A confirmation e-mail with information if you have been admitted to the exchange program will be sent out within the month of February.

For questions, contact your program coordinator or the International Office at LUSEM.

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