Welcome to Live@Lund

Make sure that your Lucat account and password is valid

1. Do you have the correct username/password?

Go to ”Lucat” and try to log on with your Lucat account
If you can’t log on, you probably have the wrong username or wrong password.
Please contact the Lucat catalogue manager at your department.

2. I can log on to Lucat but not to Live@Lund.

Check that the time zone, time and date on your computer is correct.

3. I have done steps 1 and 2 but still cannot log on to Live@Lund

Send an Email to the Live@Lund support at staff@ehl.lu.se with the following information:
Subject: Cannot sign in to Live@Lund using a valid Lucat account.
Body: Describe how the login problem occurs.
My Name:
My Lucat account username: