Welcome to Live@Lund

Make sure that your StiL account and password is valid:

1. Do you have the correct username/password?

Visit studentportalen and try to log on with your StiL account
If you can’t log on, you probably have the wrong username or wrong password.
Please contact the StiL-support. ”Studentportalen”

2. I can log on to Studentportalen but not to Live@Lund.

Check that the time zone, time and date on your computer is correct.

3. I have done steps 1 and 2 but still cannot log on to Live@Lund

Send an Email to the Live@Lund support at live@ehl.lu.se with the following information:
Subject: Cannot sign in to Live@Lund using a valid StiL-account.
Body: Describe how the login problem occurs.
My Name:
My StiL account username: