IBUH01 International Business; Traineeship, 15 credits

This course is an alternative course in International Business at bachelor level. Students admitted to our programme in International Business may apply for the course. The internship could be located in Sweden or abroad. Depending on the student's choice of workplace and tasks related to the internship, the topic of the course may vary within the subject of International Business and the specific content of the course. 

The internship will be awarded 15 credits (about 10 weeks, IBUH01) or 30 credits (about 20 weeks, IBUH03), depending on the choice you make. Note that the 10 weeks or the 20 weeks has to be continuous. You are free to spend time at the internship to 10 weeks/ IBUH01) or to the 20 weeks (IBUH03), but then it's your own responsibility regarding insurance etc.  With the support of instructions at the workplace you are expected to work full-time corresponding to normal office hours (normally 35-40 hours/week).  The 15 credits course (IBUH01) can you do even as a part time.

The course aims to enable students to apply theories and models practically, translate subject knowledge and reflect on the relationship between theory and practice.  Some key reasons for doing an internship are gaining valuable work experiences, advantages in labor market and opportunities for networking. Furthermore, the experience you gain during an internship is valuable for making decisions about your career and for your future. 

Internship is also beneficial to the host organizations. In order for a student to be admitted to the course, strong academic results are required. This means that students possess a wide range of subject knowledge and skills. Some key reasons for offering an internship are that the student's internship can be tailored to ones needs and gain experience of the student's work as an introduction to possible long-term employment. A wide range of renowned companies and organizations based both in Sweden and overseas, have offered internships to our students.

It is the student's own responsibility to find the internship. You may also find internships advertised by LUSEM Career Services. The tasks should be linked to the content of the programme. You find and arrange your own internship and can thus find an internship that meets your own personal expectations while preparing yourself for your future job search and career.

You will find information on the visa / residence permit in the following manual https://liveatlund.lu.se/Faculties/LUSEM/utland/utbytesstudier/infor_ansokan/PublishingImages/Sidor/BSc-International-Business/Exchange_%20for_IBU_2018.pdf


Once you have found an internship, you apply to the course. Find the course application form below. Please note the entry requirements in the course curriculum which you find below. 

Apply no later than May 15 to take the course during the summer or the first term of the autumn semester. 

Apply no later than October 8 to take the course during the second term of the autumn semester 

It may take up to two weeks from the date we receive your application to administer it and respond. 

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