Welcome MATM16 Topology, 7.5 credits

 General Information

​MATM16 Topology is an optional course for a Master of Science degree in mathematics. It covers the fundamentals of the theory of metric, topological and compact spaces, the Tietze extension theorem and the Stone-Weierstrass approximation theorem, elementary properties of Banach and Hilbert spaces.

The teaching consists of lectures and seminars. Compulsory hand-in exercises may be given.

The course is assessed through a written and an oral examination.

Course literature
  • Gamelin and Greene: Introduction to Topology, Dover. 1999, 2:nd edition (main textbook)
  • J. Munkres, Topology, Prentice Hall (2000) or Pearson, 2013 (complementary reading)
  • Simmons: Topology and Modern Analysis, McGraw Hill, 1963  (complementary reading)
  • Steen, L. A., Seebach, J. A., Jr.: Counterexamples in Topology, Dover, 1995.  (complementary reading)
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