Welcome to MATP13 Group and Ring Theory, 7.5 credits

 General Information

MATP13 Group and Ring Theory is an optional course for a Master of Science degree in mathematics.

This course is a continuation of MATM11 Algebraic Structures. One of the fundamental ideas in all algebra and even in this course is to try to understand complicated algebraic structures by breaking them into simple parts. For example, it appears that each finite abelian group is a direct sum of cyclic subgroups. This course has important applications in linear algebra and matrix theory, for example on Jordan's normal form.

In group theory: conjugacy classes, Sylow's theorems with applications.
In ring theory: basic module constructions, Noetherian and Artinian rings, finitely generated modules over a principal ideal domain, Jordan normal form, tensor products.

The teaching consists of lectures, including some problem solving.

The course is assessed through a written and an oral examination.

Course literature
Basic Abstract Algebra, P.B. Bhattacharya, S.K. Jain, S.R. Nagpaul (1994) ISBN: 0-521-46629-6

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