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The Department of Business Administration is part of the School of Economics and Management at Lund University which is among the top ranked business schools in Scandinavia. The department offers courses in entrepreneurship, organization, marketing, accounting, finance and strategic management at all levels. The education has an industry-related and skill-oriented focus and the master studies also prepare our students for a future, academic career. Both the education and research is influenced by a high level of internationalisation and we always look for high quality collaborations to continuously develop our education and research.


Courses for: Spring 2019
Course code Name Subject Online Language
Basic level, has only secondary entrance requirements
FEKA90 Business Administration: Introductory Course in Business Administration  
IBUA41 International Business: Organization and Leadership, 5 credits  
IBUA62 International Business: Management Control Systems  
Basic level, has less than 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites
FEKG01 Business Administration: Honours Track  
FEKG11 Business Administration: Strategic Organizing  
FEKG21 Business Administration: Strategic Marketing  
FEKG25 Business Administration: Global Strategic Marketing  
FEKG51 Business Administration: Financial Planning and Analysis  
FEKG61 Business Administration: Accounting and Financial Analysis  
FEKG91 Business Administration: Method and Integration of Business Administration  
IBUG99 International Business: Research Methods for International Busin  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites.
FEKH01 Business Administration: Traineeship  
FEKH03 Business Administration: International Traineeship  
FEKH10 Business Administration: Strategic Management - Bachelor Course  
FEKH11 Business Administration: Business Policy  
FEKH13 Business Administration: Project Management - A Business Perspective  
FEKH20 Business Administration: Marketing Management - Bachelor Course  
FEKH22 Business Administration: Business-to-Business Marketing  
FEKH23 Business Administration:Brands and branding in a dynamic world  
FEKH45 Business Administration: Managing and Developing Organizations  
FEKH46 Business Administration: Leadership and Change Management  
FEKH60 Business Administration: Financial and Management Accounting - Bachelor Course  
FEKH80 Business Administration: Theory of Corporate Finance - Bachelor Course  
FEKH91 Business Administration: Entrepreneurship  
FEKH92 Business Administration: Innovation Management  
IBUG11 International Business: Cross-cultural Teams & Project Management  
IBUG41 International Business: Business Ethics and Sustainability  
IBUG81 International Business: Corporate Finance  
IBUG91 International Business: Innovation and entrepreneurship  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level of knowledge requirements, provides for a Bachelor Degree
FEKH19 Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Strategic Management Undergraduate Level  
FEKH29 Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Marketing Undergraduate Level  
FEKH49 Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Organization Undergraduate Level  
FEKH69 Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Financial and Management Accounting Undergraduate Level  
FEKH89 Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Financial Management Undergraduate Level  
FEKH99 Business Administration: Bachelor Degree Project in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Undergraduate Level  
Basic level, course/s that can not be classified
FEKL11 Bridging Education in Business Administration for Graduates with a Foreign Degree  
Advanced level, has the course/s at the first level as prerequisites
BUSN01 Business Administration: Corporate Finance and Value Management  
BUSN03 Business Administration: Research Methods  
BUSN17 Business Administration: Innovation Management  
BUSN26 Business Administration: Understanding Consumption  
BUSN35 Business Administration: Corporate Brand Management and Reputation  
BUSN46 Research Methods  
BUSN47 Business Administration: Leadership  
BUSO24 Business Administration: Market Intelligence - Theory and Practice  
BUSO35 Business Administration: Sustainability and Marketing Ethics  
BUSO67 Business Administration: Digital Accounting  
BUSO72 Business Administration: Accounting and Management Control for Innovation and in Professional Service Firms  
BUSO73 Business Administration: Financial Accounting and Communication  
BUSO76 Business Administration: Empirical Accounting and Corporate Finance  
BUSO84 Business Administration: Corporate Restructurings  
BUSO85 Business Administration: Corporate risk management  
BUSR31 Business Administration: Qualitative Research Methods  
ENTN08 Entrepreneurial Project  
MGTN26 Management: Global Challenges  
MGTN46 Management: Learning, Development and Change in Management and Organisations  
MGTN47 Management: Understanding Management  
MGTN59 Management: Degree Project - Management Challenges  
Advanced level, course/s at an advanced level as prerequisites
BUSV01 Business Administration: Traineeship  
BUSV03 Business Administration: International Traineeship  
MGTV01 Management: Traineeship  
MGTV03 Management:International Traineeship  
Advanced level, contains essay for the Master's degree
BUSN09 Business Administration: Degree Project in Strategic Management  
BUSN39 Business Administration: Degree Project in Global Marketing - Master Level  
BUSN49 Business Administration: Degree Project in Managing People, Knowledge and Change - Master Level  
BUSN79 Business Administration: Degree Project in Accounting and Finance  
ENTN19 Degree Project - New Venture Creation  
ENTN39 Internship and Degree Project  

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