Welcome to: UTVC21 Development Studies: Development in a Historical Perspective - Economic, Social and Political Transformation, 15 credits

The course is offered at the first-cycle level for undergraduate studies and is offered both as a single-subject course and as a compulsory course within the BSc in Development Studies Programme. The course is an introduction to development studies and puts current development issues in a historical light. The course is divided into two parts.

Part one (7.5 higher education credits) gives a retro-perspective overview of the development process. It discusses and analyses causes of development and underdevelopment from an economic, geographical, political and social point-of-view in a historical context. Emphasis is on the developing world but, given the dominance of the western powers through colonialism, a more global approach is taken.

With the end of the Second World War, the world map was redrawn and many new nations saw the light of dawn. Part two (7.5 higher education credits) offers an introduction to more contemporary issues in the economic, social and political transformations of the developing world since the 1950s. In addition, this part of the course reviews more recent debates issues such as the environment, democracy, human rights, empowerment and equal opportunities.

The course also gives an introduction to theories of development. As a consequence, throughout the course, in order to properly understand the development processes discussed, a theoretical overview is given.For more information about studies at the KEG department, please visit our Student site at Liveatlund and our website www.keg.lu.se/en/education/study-information
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