Welcome to: UTVC22 Development Studies: Development Policy in Practice, 15 credits

The course is offered as a the second compulsory course within the BSc programme in Development Studies and as single-subject course in the subject area development studies. The course is equivalent to 15 ECTS. This course focuses on contemporary development issues. In order to reach a more comprehensive understanding of current phenomena, this course presents an analysis of the theoretical and practical trajectories of development policies and strategies up to date. After constructing the relevant context the most important areas of contemporary development policy are analysed using a thematic approach. By examining economic, organisational, political, and technological trends in development thinking and their outcome in development policies, the course demonstrates that development has been a historically changeable enterprise with many directions.

The course is divided into three modules.

Module 1 presents the political and theoretical framework of state-driven development and its practical consequences. State failures are considered and analysed in relation to the significance of alternative actors, e.g. non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and private companies, and their theoretical underpinnings.

Module 2 consists of a number of thematic sections that exemplify how contemporary development thinking and policy-making have come together, and influenced development cooperation. To provide a broad-based understanding of the themes, empirical case studies from Africa, Asia, and Latin America are used as examples.

In module 3 the students are expected to write a final course paper using their knowledge acquired from teaching and reading course literature. Seminars will be held on the state of the art in academic writing and students are also expected to work independently on their papers.For more information about studies at the KEG department, please visit our Student site at Liveatlund and our website www.keg.lu.se/en/education/study-information  
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