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The Department of Human Geography is a dynamic entity of the University of Lund with a strong international reputation for both research and education in human geography. The Department is active in economic geography, historical and landscape geography, environmental geography, urban/social/political geography, and development geography.

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Courses for: Spring 2020
Course code Name Subject Online Language
Basic level, has only secondary entrance requirements
SGEG16 GIS in Social Sciences - Basic Level  
SGEL64 Human Geography: GIS in Urban and Regional Planning - Level 1  
SGEL65 Human Geography: GIS in Urban and Regional Planning - Level 2  
Basic level, has less than 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites
SGEA23 Human Geography: Level 2  
SGEG17 GIS in Development Studies - Applications  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites.
SGEC01 Human Geography: Internship  
SGEC03 Human Geography: Internship  
SGED07 Human Geography: Field Work/Internship and Research Overview  
SGEL49 Human Geography: Sustainable Development in a Global, Regional and Local Perspective  
SGEL51 Urban Analysis with Methodological Applications  
SGEL57 Human Geography: Urban and Regional Dynamics, New Research Directions  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level of knowledge requirements, provides for a Bachelor Degree
SGED10 Human Geography: Bachelor's Thesis in Development Studies  
SGEL36 Human Geography: Bachelor Thesis in Urban and Regional Planning  
Advanced level, has the course/s at the first level as prerequisites
SGEM23 Geographies of Economies: Urban and Regional Planning  
SGEM24 Human Geography: Critical Urban Geography  
SGER50 GIS: Geographical Information System for the Social Sciences  
Advanced level, course/s at an advanced level as prerequisites
SGEM25 Human Geography: GIS and Fieldwork Methodology  
SGER12 Human Geography: Internship in Human Geography  
Advanced level, contains essay for the Master's degree
GEGM03 Geography: Master's (One Year) Thesis  
SGEM07 Human Geography: Master's (One Year) Thesis  
UTVM02 Development Studies: Master's (One Year) Thesis  
Advanced level, contains thesis for MA
SGEM08 Human Geography: Master's (Two Years) Thesis  
SGEL52 Human Geography: Project Work  
UTVC23 Development Studies: Development Theories  
UTVC24 Development Studies: Theory of Science and Research Methods: An Introduction  


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