MIDA24 - Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management

The course covers issues pertaining to the use and management of land, water and biological resources; environmental concerns; climate change and methods of assessing and handling data related to natural resources in a development context.

 The main objective is to see natural resource use and management in developing countries from a socio-ecological perspective. The main focus is on land, water and biological resources in the light of climate change and variability. Through individual and group work, students will be able to critically examine the current use/misuse
of natural resources in relation to development. Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and concrete skills to understand physical processes and to analyse interactions between human agency and natural systems. The course will introduce the idea in ecological economics of provisioning, regulating and cultural ecosystem services (such as biodiversity, carbon storage, pollination and water purification.) as well as theories and concepts in political ecology and critical human approaches. The course will prepare the student to use this knowledge for promoting sustainable use and management of natural resources in a professional role, such as that of policymakers, trainers or practitioners in government agencies, private firms or NGOs.

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MIDA24 Syllabus.pdfMIDA24 Syllabus
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