Welcome to: MAXM05 Accelerators and Free Electron Lasers, 7.5 credits

The course builds on the basic knowledge of accelerators from the course “Introduction to Accelerators and FEL” MAXM07 (or equivalent). The material is concentrated on electron accelerators for synchrotron light and Free Electron Lasers (FEL). A deeper view of transverse electron beam optics and introduction to longitudinal optics is given. Issues of lifetime and design are addressed. Simulation tools are introduced and model accelerators analysed. In the field of FELs the different types are explained and the basic theory elaborated. Concepts of bunch compression, space charge, emittance compensation and coherent synchrotron radiation are introduced. The special requirements of accelerators for FELs are discussed and their components are analysed. The course includes laborative work on the accelerators at MAX-lab.

  Spring     Period: 1 
   Level:  A
   Language: English

   Coordinator: Francesca Curbis
   Requirements: LUBAS  

Course design

The teaching consists of lectures, laboratory and exercise sessions. 

Lectures: ​ hours
Exercises:  hours
Labs:  hours


Oral examination takes place at the end of the course. 


Klaus Wille - The physics of particle accelerators, Oxford University Press, USA
For example at: http://www.adlibris.com or http://www.cdon.se .

Course responsible: 

phone: +46 70 932 33 54

phone: +46 70 999 79 42


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