Welcome to: NUMA41, Numerical Analysis, Basic Course, 7.5 Credits

Numerical Analysis is the branch of mathematics concerning the design and analysis of algorithms with the aim of obtaining approximate solutions of continuous mathematical problems on computers. In this course, we will look at basic method to approximate functions, integrals and to obtain approximate solutions of linear systems, nonlinear systems and ordinary differential equations. Thus, the course serves as an introduction to the other courses in numerical analysis. 

It is possible and recommended to take this course at the end of the first year of the BSc program in mathematics.

Following is some basic information about the course:

Assignments: These are given out weekly and are mandatory, but are not taken into account for your grade.

Projects: There is one project and you need to hand in a project report. The deadline for this is Wednesday, June 1st, 23:59. You can work in groups on this, but each group member must write an individual report.

Exam: There is a final written exam.

Grade: The grade is based on the project report (50%) and the final written exam (50%).

Course Book

Endre Süli and David Meyers: An Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 2003, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521007941

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