​​​​Welcome to: FYSB06 Physics: Applied Work, 15 credits

Within the course, a 7-8 weeks internship at a workplace with tasks related to the student's education is planned, implemented and evaluated. The supervisor is appointed at th​​e workplace. The intern keeps a workbook during the internship.

 ​Autumn       Period: 1
Level: ​G
Language: English
Coordinator: Tomas Brage
Registration/Requirements: LUB​AS​

Teaching and Assessment

​The course is planned and implemented by the stu​dent in consultation with the course leader and supervisor at the workplace. The trainee together with the supervisor draw up a planning document and the trainee reports the responsible course leaders 2 weeks after starting about how the internship works. The trainee summarizes the workbook in a written statement and submits it to the instructor after completing the internship. After the internship period, the supervisor certifies in writing that the student conducted practice in a satisfactory way. 

 Grading scale: U-G​

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