​​​​​​​​Welcome to: FYSB11 Physics: Basic Quantum Mechanics, 7.5 credits


This is an introductory course in Quantum Mechanics. You will start with a brief historical background and discuss the basic ideas and postulates of quantum theory. Schrödinger's wave equation will then be introduced and you will learn how to solve
​it for potentials in one dimension, such as wells and barriers. This is followed by concepts and formalism of operators, observables an​d measurements in quantum ​mechanics. The course ends by discussing the quantum model for a harmonic oscillator and introducing the hydrogen atom as a basic example of "round", three-​dimensional quantum mechanics.​​

​Autumn and Spring 

Level: ​G
Language: English
Coordinator: Peter Samuelsson
Registrati​on/Requirements: LUBAS
Schedule: TimeEdit​

Form of teaching

Lectures, exercise session​s, computer exercises​, hand-in problems,  project works​. 

Lectures: ​40 hours
Exercises: 18 hours
Labs: 38​​ hours

Hand-in proble​​ms, project work, computer ​​exercises and oral or written exam​​.
Grading scale: U-G-VG


​Gunnar Ohlén, Kvantvärldens fenomen : teori och begrepp

Teachers and ​Assistants
phone: ​046 222 9078 ​​​
phone: 046 222 46 49 

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