​​​​​​​​​Welcome to: FYSB12 Physics: Basic Statistical Physics and Quantum Statistics, 7.5 credits

Welcome to the homepage of the "Basic Statistical Physics and Quantum Statistics" course.​ Here we present the essence of the course in statistical mechanics, starting from a microscopic description of matter:

  • the central concept of entropy is introduced,
  • a connection with thermodynamical quantities is established, and
  • ​paradigmatic systems such as the ideal (quantum and classical) gases are studied.
The overall topic is truly fascinating, since it shows in a beautiful way how what we experience in everyday life naturally emerges from the behavi​our of matter down at
the fundamental space, time, and energy scales.
Term: ​Autumn and Spring       

Level: ​G
Language: English
Coordinator: Claudio Verdozzi​ 
Registration/Requirements: LUB​AS
Schedule: TimeEdit​

Form of teaching​​
Lectures, laboratory w​ork, hand-in problems, exercise sessions.

Lectures: ​31 hours
Exercises: 19 hours
Laboratory work: 12 hours


Hand-in problems, project work, lab reports​, an oral or written exam​​.
Grading scale: U-G-VG


​Teachers and Assistants

Claudio Verdozzi: claudio.verdozzi@teorfys.lu.se
Melvyn B. Davies​: ​mbd@astro.lu.se​​

Lab teachers:

Car-Erik Magnusson: carl-erik.magnusson@fysik.lu.se​​
 Alexey Bobrick​: aliaksei.bobryk@astro.lu.se​​​
Anders Irback: anders.irback@thep.lu.se​​

phone: 046 ​2229499
phone: 046 2221568

phone:​ 046 ​2227727
phone: ​​046 2224703
phone: 046 2223493
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