​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to FYSC​12:

Nuclear Physics and Reactors, 7.5 credits

This is the gateway for information about the nuclear physics part of the
undergraduate science-faculty course FYSC12 as well as the LTH advanced course FKFN20 (only fall terms).

The course develops an understanding of the atomic nucleus based on macroscopic and microscopic models. Assessing success and limitations of various models used
to describe the many facets of atomic nuclei as well as their excitations and decays
is a key learning outcome of the course. Generic quantum mechanical concepts are being exemplified on behalf of atomic nuclei. Supported by the experimental part,
you will understand the origin and relevance of nuclear radiation and detection in science and society. This part is supported by lectures on ongoing research topics
in basic or applied nuclear physics in Lund.

Term: Autumn and Spring​                      Period: ​ ​Autumn 1, Spring 1​​​

Course Code Technical Faculty: FKFN20

Course Code Science Faculty

Level: ​G
Language: English 
Coordinator: Dirk Rudolph​
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS

Form of teaching​​
Lectures, exercises and laboratory work​.

​Lectures: 38-42 hours
Labs​: 24 hours


Oral examination and completed laboratory exercises.​
Grading scale: U-G-VG


  • K.S. Krane, Introductory Nuclear Physics (Wiley)*
  •  Handouts
  •  Laboratory manuals
  •  ​Problem sets
*or any other book with a similar title, covering the topics of the course. For instance, German speaking (exchange) students can consider T. Mayer-Kuckuk, Kernphysik (Teubner).

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