​​​​​​​​​Welcome to: FYSC13 Physics: Solid State Physics, 7.5 credits​

Welcome to the homepage of the "Solid State Physics" course.

The student will learn how central concepts in solid-state physics can be applied to model physical effects. It is part of the course Modern Physics FYSC01, also named Physics 3​. The contents of the course include:

  • Chemical bonding in solids
  • Crystal Structure and diffraction
  • Lattice vibrations and phonons
  • Band structure, metals, semiconductors, and insulators with applications
  • Magnetism
  • A brief survey of superconductivity​
Term: ​Autumn and Spring     

Level: ​G
Language: English
Coordinator: Claudio Verdozzi​
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS
Schedule: TimeEdit​

Form of teaching

  • Lectures, where we go through the subjects
  • Weekly exercise sessions, where you compare your solutions and discuss with us
  • Independent study by reading the textbook and other sources as well as ​​solving the exercises
  • ​2 computer and 3 experimental labs​
Lectures: 32 hours
Laboratory work​: 32 hours


Lab reports and written examination.
Grading scale: U-G-VG


P. Hofmann​​, Solid State Physics: An Introduction​.​

Teachers and Assistants

Andreas Wacker: Andreas.Wacker@fysik.lu.se
Timm, Rainer.Timm@sljus.lu.se

Claudio Verdozzi: claudio.verdozzi@teorfys.lu.se
Anders Mikkelsen​: anders.mikkelsen@​sljus​.lu.se

phone: 046-2223012
phone: 046-2228294

phone: 046-2229499
phone: 046-2229627​
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