​​​​​​Welcome to: FYST18/FKFN01 Physics: Applied Subatomic Physics, 7.5 credits​

The aim of the course is to illustrate the possibilities to use competence in nuclear physics and nuclear measurement techniques as a tool within other disciplines. The course aims to give an overview of possible applications of nuclear physics with special emphasis on ion beam analysis, neutron scattering, neutron detection and reactor physics. The course shall give knowledge on the construction and function of modern reactors, theory of neutron physics, core design and fuel optimization. Experiments will be made at the SONNIG setup (related to ESS) using state-of-the-art equipment for neutron detection.

Main topics:
  • Neutron detectors - project
  • Neutron physics for the ESS; spallation, moderation, scattering and shielding  – lectures and tutorials (discussion groups), laboratory exercises.
  • Fission reactor principles and technology – tutorials.
  • Topic of your own choice (related to the course) written as an essay, peer-reviewed by fellow students and presented orally.


 ​Spring             Period: ​1

Course Code LTHFKFN01​

Course Code Science Faculty: FYST16
Level: ​A
Language: English
Coordinator: Jan P​allon​​​
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS
Schedule: TimeEdit​

​​Form of teaching​​
The teaching is given as lectures, laboratory exercises, projects and tutorials.​

Lectures: ​ hours​
Laboratory exercises: ​​ hours
Project work:   hours
Tutorials​: ​​ hours


In order to pass the course the student is required to have completed laboratory exercises, projects and paper writing, and also to have participated actively in
lectures, tutorials and seminars. As an alternative, a written examination (pass/fail)
can be arranged for a student not taking active part in seminars or tutorials. The final grade is weighted average of the laboratory exercises, project part and written paper.​

Grading Scale Science Faculty: 
Grading Scale​ Technical Faculty: ​TH


  • Lamarsh, J.R. : Introduction to Nuclear Engineering. Prentice Hall 2001. ISBN 0-201-82498-1.
  • Krane, K.S.: Introductory Nuclear Physics. John Wiley & Sons 1988. ISBN 0-471-80553-X.
  • Neutron detection: Knoll, .Crane and Baker
  • Articles and papers handed out during the lectures in ion beam analysis and neutron scattering physics.
  • Instruction manuals to laboratory exercises (Physics Dept).

​​Teachers and Assistants


  • Jan Pallon: jan.pallon@nuclear.lu.se​           phone: 046 222 7637
  • Hanno Perrey: hanno.perrey@nuclear.lu.se      phone: 046 222 7708
  • Francesco Messi: francesco.messi@nuclear.lu.se   phone: 046 222 7708

  • Yulia Lindholm: yulia.lindholm@nuclear.lu.se phone: 046 222 7631

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