​​Welcome to: FYST37 Physics: Advanced Quantum Mechanics II, 7.5 credits

Welcome to the course ''Advanced Quantum mechanics II" homepage.
​This course is a continuation of Advanced Quantum Mechanics (FMFN01, LTH) or Quantum Mechanics (FYSN17, N-fak).


  • undamental concepts and quantum dynamics: momentum as generator of space translation, Hamiltonian as generator of time translation, time evolution, Schrödinger vs Heisenberg pictures
  • Propagators and Feynman path integrals
  • Theory of angular momentum: Rotations and angular momentum commutation relations, Euler rotations, representations of rotation operator, angular momentum addition, tensor operators, Wigner-Eckarttheorem
  • Spin correlation and Bell's inequality
  • Symmetry in quantum mechanics: conservation laws and degeneracies, parity, time-reversal symmetry
  • Approximation methods: the interaction picture, time-dependent perturbation theory
  • Scattering theory: Lippmann-Schwinger equation, Born approximation, optical theorem, method of partial waves


Term: ​Spring           Period: ​2
Level: ​A
Language: English
Coordinator: Ferdi Aryasetiawan
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS
LTH course code​:FMFN10
Form of teaching
A combination of lectures and exercise sessions.

              Lectures: ​28​ hours
              Exercices: 14 hours


Written exam.             Grading scale: U-G-VG


Teachers and Assistants
phone: +46 (0) 46 222 9089

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