​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to: FYST38/FKF100 Physics: Environmental Monitoring, 7.5 credits

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The course aims at providing an understanding of advanced environmental measurement techniques for air quality applications, and how these techniques
can be used to provide a scientifically sound basis for estimates of the impact of various human activities on the environment and human health.

The course also aims at stimulating the student to reflect on how our common-day human activities may affect the environment and human health, and at acquiring a capability to assess and ​discuss environmental issues within the working life and societal debate from a natural science

Term: ​Spring
Period: ​1

Course Code LTH: FKF100

Course Code Science Faculty: FYST38
Level: ​A
Language: English
Coordinator: Adam Kristensson
Registration/Requirements: LU​BAS
Schedule: TimeEdit​
Form of teaching​​

The teaching consists of lectures by specialist researchers in their own field, 
laboratory work, demonstrations, one excursion to the Örtofta combined​ biomass
heat and power plant, and a project work. Participation in laboratory, at least one demonstration, excursion, and project work sessions is compulsory.​
Lectures: 24​ hours
Labor​tory work: 5​ hours


Examination takes place in written form at the end of the course. Could be changed 
to: The examination consists of the project work and the written exam at the end of
the course. 75 % of the final grade is based on the written exam, and 25 % on the project work.
Grading Scale Science Faculty: 
Grading Scale​ Technical Faculty: ​TH


The literature consists of the lectures slides of the teachers, and some slices taken from different course literatures.

​​Teachers and Assistants

Course coordinator:


phone: 046 222 76 45

phone: 046 222 76 43
phone: 046 222 76 37
phone: 046 222 76 56
phone: 046 222 97 90
​phone: 046 222 95 19
phone: 046 222 33 25

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