​​​​​Welcome to: FYST40 Nanomaterials - Thermodynamics and Kinetics, 7.5 credits

Welcome to the homepage of the course ''Nanomaterials - Thermodynamics and  Kinetics''.

This course will offer an overview of thermodynamic phenomena and kinetic processes from a materials science perspective, with application towards nanomaterials.


Review of basic thermodynamics; thermodynamic equilibrium; phase equilibria and phase diagrams; reactions & reaction kinetics; heat transport; mass transport in solids and fluids; size effects.

 ​Autumn           Period: ​2
 Level: ​A
 Language: English
 Coordinator: Jonas Johansson
 Registration/Requirements: LUBAS
 LTH course code​: FFFN05

Form of teaching
Lectures, exercise sessions, hand-ins and written examination.

Lectures: ​24 hours
Exercises: 12 hours


Written examination. Compulsory written exercises which can count for bonus points on the final grade, with a passed written exam.​​

Grading scale:


  • DeHoff, R.: Thermodynamics in Materials Science. CRC, 2nd edition, 2006. ISBN: 0849340659 (preferred textbook).
  • J. H. Lienhard, "A heat transfer textbook", Third edition (will be made available electronically) (Ch. 1, 2, 10). Download it here.
  • Book chapter about diffusion


phone: +46 (0) 72 726 4545​

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