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​​​​Welcome to the homepage of  "Intensive Course in Computational Atomic Physics". 

Summer 2018 this course will start June 18 with an intensive workshop at Lund University. The schedule consists of three parts:

  • For local students to Lund there will be an introduction meeting at 1.15 PM, the 12th of June in lecture hall D, Sölvegatan 14C in Lund.
  • Two intensive weeks with lectures and computations will start on June 18th and continue until June 30th, with a break for Midsummer.
  • The course is finished with a projectreport and hand-in exercises before the end of August.

If you are a Master's student, you should register on antagning.se. If you are a PhD student you should discuss participating with youre supervisor and contact the coordinator.

Course content :

Atomic structure

  • Central field, correlation, relativistic effects, radiative transitions, Hartree-Fock and Dirac-Fock-metoder, Z-dependent theory. 

Atomic processes 

  • The close-coupling model, the R-matrixmethod, Photoionization, electron-ion-collisions, resonanses. 

Applications of atomic physics within for example astrophysics, fusion research and nuclear interactions. 

​​Level: ​A
Language: English
Coordinator: Tomas Brage
Registration/Requirements: LUBA​S
​​Schedule: TimeEdit​
Form of teaching​​

The teaching consists of lectures and computer exercises. As an intensive course it is built-up around two weeks of full-time studies followed by three weeks work with a project.


Examination takes place through oral and written presentation of computational exercises after the first two the weeks and a written report of the project work​.

Grading scale: U-G-VG


​​Responsible Teachers
Alan Hibbert: a.hibbert@qub.ac.uk
Kevin Dunseath: kevin.dunseath@univ-rennes1.fr
Per Jönsson: per.jonsson@mah.se
phone: +4646-2227724​

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