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Welcome to the homepage of the "Project in weather Map Analysis and Forecasts" course. ​The course is given in collaboration with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), all teaching is taking place at DMI in Copenhagen and teachers are meteorologists that are otherwise working with prognosis meteorology. The course is acknowledged in Denmark and Sweden and in combination with a bachelor degree in Physics it gives the necessary skills to work as a prognosis meteorologist.


Term: ​Autumn           Period: ​1
Level: ​G
Language: English
Course responsible: ​Elna Heimdal Nilsson
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS
The course introduce traditional methods for analysis of weather based on konventional and new types of observations, including satellite data. The students learn to independently produce weather prognosis.

Form of teaching

Lectures and exercises. The exercises are performed using meteorological tools (softwa​re) and real data from DMI. 75% attendance during the course is mandatory.


Oral exam. The student is given a task related to the current weather situation, similar     to a realistic prognosis task for a meteorologist. Using meteorological information and       tools the student has 30 minutes to prepare for the oral examination.


Information is given before course start.​​
Teachers and Assistants
  • Elna-Heimdal Nilsson, elna.heimdal_nilsson@forbrf.lth.se

phone: +46 46 222 ​1403

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