​Welcome to: METN11 Physics: Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere, 7.5 credits​​


​Welcome to the homepage of the "Chesmistry and Physics of the Atmosphere" course homepage. The course introduce aspects of atmospheric chemistry and physics on scales from the molecular level up to the effects on global climate. Throughout the course there is a focus on learning to read, evaluate and present scientific information connecting the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere with global effects.



The course is divided into two main parts of equal size: gas phase chemistry and the chemistry and physics of aerosols (particles). Gas phase chemistry treat the processes of emission, reaction and transportation of greenhouse gases and other important gases in the atmosphere. Particular attention will be on the stratospheric chemistry related to the ozone layer and the tropospheric chemistry of man made pollutants. The aerosol part of the course treat production, composition and fate of different types of particulate matter of both anthropogenic and natural origin.


Form of teaching

Term: ​Spring           Period: ​2
Level: ​G
Language: English
Coordinator: Elna-Heimdal Nilsson​
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS

Lectures and exercises. An important part of the course is home assignments, to be handed in every week.


Lectures: ​30 hours
Exercices: 35 hours


Oral exam. Written and oral presentation of individual tasks related to climate. There are also 6 assignments, based on the six main topics of the course, to be done in small groups and handed in and discussed during exercise sessions.


        Grading Scale: U-G-VG

Scientific articles, reports and a compendium. All material is free of charge and distributed at course start.


Teachers and Assistants
  • Elna Heimdal-Nilsson​​, elna.heimdal_nilsson@forbrf.lth.se
  • Adam Kristensson
phone: ​+46 46 222 14 03

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