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Courses for: Spring 2018
Course code Name Subject Online Language
Basic level, has only secondary entrance requirements
FYSA01 Physics 1: General Physics    
FYSA11 Physics 1: General Physics    
FYSA15 Physics: Environmental Physics    
ÄFYD01 Physics and Physics Education    
Basic level, has less than 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites
FYSB07 Physics: Outreach Project  
ÄFYA22 Physics II  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites.
FYSA21 Physics 2: Tools in Science    
FYSB01 Physics: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics    
FYSB02 Physics: Quantum Mechanics and Computations    
FYSB06 Physics: Applied Work    
FYSB11 Physics: Basic Quantum Mechanics  
FYSB12 Physics: Basic Statistical Physics and Quantum Statistics  
FYSC11 Physics: Atomic and Molecular Physics    
FYSC12 Physics: Nuclear Physics and Reactors    
FYSC13 Physics: Solid State Physics    
FYSC14 Physics: Particle Physics, Cosmology and Accelerators    
FYSD11 Physics: Fundamental Combustion    
FYSD13 Physics: Processing and Device Technology    
FYSD21 Physics: Materials Analysis at the Nanoscale  
ÄFYC01 Fysik 3: Quantum Physics with Didactics    
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level of knowledge requirements, provides for a Bachelor Degree
FYSK02 Physics: Bachelor´s Degree Project  
Basic level, course/s that can not be classified
EXTF85 Particle Physics, Cosmology and Accelerators    
EXTF90 Photon and Neutron Production for Science    
Advanced level, has the course/s at the first level as prerequisites
FYSN11 Physics Experiments in Research and Society    
FYSN13 Physics: Electromagnetism    
FYSN14 Physics: Lasers    
FYSN15 Physics: Experimental tools    
FYSN17 Physics: Quantum Mechanics    
FYST11 Physics: Theoretical Nuclear Physics    
FYST12 Physics: Quantum Chaos    
FYST13 Physics: Chaos for Science and Technology    
FYST14 Physics: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy    
FYST15 Physics: Semiconductor Physics    
FYST16 Physics: Modern Subatomic Physics    
FYST17 Physics: Modern Experimental Particle Physics    
FYST18 Physics: Applied Subatomic Physics    
FYST19 Physics: Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces    
FYST20 Physics:Spectroscopy and the Quantum Description of Matter    
FYST21 Physics: Light-Matter Interaction    
FYST22 Physics: Medical Optics    
FYST23 Experimental Biophysics    
FYST24 The Physics of Low-dimensions    
FYST26 Physics: Complex Economy    
FYST28 Physics: Laser-based Combustion Diagnostics    
FYST29 Physics: Multi-spectral Imaging    
FYST35 Physics: Chrystal Growth and Semiconductor Epitaxy    
FYST36 Physics: Molecular Physics    
FYST38 Physics: Environmental Monitoring    
FYST40 Physics: Nanomaterials - thermodynamics and kinetics    
FYST41 Physics: Photonics and Optical Communication    
FYST42 Physics: Scanning Probe Microscopy    
FYST43 Physics: Optics and Optical Design    
FYST46 Physics: Optical Properties of Semiconductors    
FYST50 Physics: Optoelectronics and Optical Communications  
METN11 Physics: Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere  
Advanced level, course/s at an advanced level as prerequisites
FYST25 Physics: Solid State Theory    
FYST27 Physics: Electron Structure of Solids and Surfaces    
FYST30 Physics: Quantum information    
FYST31 Physics: Advanced Processing of Nanostructures    
FYST32 Physics: Advanced Optics and Lasers    
FYST33 Physics: Electron Transport in Nanostructures    
FYST34 Physics: High Speed Devices    
FYST37 Physics: Advanced Quantum Mechanics    
FYST39 Physics: Nanoelectronics    
FYST47 Physics: Intensive Course in Computational Atomic Physics    
FYST48 Physics: Optoelectronics    
FYST49 Physics: Many-Body Theory  
Advanced level, contains thesis for MA
FYSM30 Physics: Diploma Work for Master of Science in Physics  
FYSM60 Physics: Master´s Degree Project III    
Advanced level course/s that can not be classified
EXTN95 Accelerators and Free Electron Lasers    
EXTP55 Spectroscopy and the Quantum Description of Matter  
EXTP90 Solid State Theory  
FYST44 Physics: Nuclear reactor Physics    
FYST45 Physics: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry    
EXTF65 Mathematical Methods of Nanotechnology    
EXTF70 Mathematical Methods of Nanotechnology, Project    
EXTN90 Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Synchrotron Radiation Research    
EXTP35 Modern Experimental Particle Physics    
FFF051 Solid State Theory    
FYSK01 Physics: Bachelor´s Degree Project    
FYSM01 Physics 4: Introduction to Advanced Physics    
FYSM31 Physics: Master´s Degree Project I    
FYSM32 Physics: Master´s Degree Project II    
ÄFYA11 No English Translation Available    
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