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Courses for: Spring 2019
Course code Name Subject Online Language
Basic level, has only secondary entrance requirements
FYSA01 Physics 1: General Physics  
ÄFYA11 Physics and Physics Education  
Basic level, has less than 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites
FYSA15 Physics: Environmental Physics  
LLYU64 No English translation available  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites.
FYSB06 Physics: Applied Work  
FYSB11 Physics: Basic Quantum Mechanics  
FYSB12 Physics: Basic Statistical Physics and Quantum Statistics  
FYSC11 Physics: Atomic and Molecular Physics  
FYSC12 Physics: Nuclear Physics and Reactors  
FYSC13 Physics: Solid State Physics  
FYSC14 Physics: Particle Physics, Cosmology and Accelerators  
FYSD11 Physics: Fundamental Combustion  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level of knowledge requirements, provides for a Bachelor Degree
FYSK02 Physics: Bachelor´s Degree Project  
Basic level, course/s that can not be classified
EXTF85 Particle Physics, Cosmology and Accelerators  
Advanced level, has the course/s at the first level as prerequisites
FYSN11 Physics Experiments in Research and Society  
FYSN23 Physics: Advanced Electromagnetism  
FYST13 Physics: Chaos for Science and Technology  
FYST16 Physics: Modern Subatomic Physics  
FYST17 Physics: Modern Experimental Particle Physics  
FYST18 Physics: Applied Subatomic Physics  
FYST19 Physics: Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces  
FYST20 Physics: Spectroscopy and the Quantum Description of Matter  
FYST21 Physics: Light-Matter Interaction  
FYST23 Experimental Biophysics  
FYST28 Physics: Laser-based Combustion Diagnostics  
FYST35 Physics: Chrystal Growth and Semiconductor Epitaxy  
FYST38 Physics: Environmental Monitoring  
FYST50 Physics: Optoelectronics and Optical Communications  
FYST51 Physics: Modern X-ray Physics - Diffraction and Imaging  
METN11 Physics: Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere  
Advanced level, course/s at an advanced level as prerequisites
FYSP01 Physics: Applied Work  
FYST25 Physics: Solid State Theory  
FYST30 Physics: Quantum information  
FYST31 Physics: Advanced Processing of Nanostructures  
FYST32 Physics: Advanced Optics and Lasers  
FYST34 Physics: High Speed Devices  
FYST37 Physics: Advanced Quantum Mechanics  
FYST39 Physics: Nanoelectronics  
Advanced level, contains thesis for MA
FYSM30 Physics: Diploma Work for Master of Science in Physics  
FYSM60 Physics: Master´s Degree Project III  
Advanced level course/s that can not be classified
EXTN95 Accelerators and Free Electron Lasers  
EXTP90 Solid State Theory  
EXTP95 The Physics of Surfaces  
FFF051 Solid State Theory  
FYST45 Physics: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry  
TEK177 The Physics of Surfaces  
ÄFYA22 Physics II  
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