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Courses for: Autumn 2017
Course code Name Subject Online Language
Basic level, has only secondary entrance requirements
FYSA01 Physics 1: General Physics    
ÄFYD01 Physics and Physics Education    
Basic level, has less than 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites
MNXB01 Introduction to Programming and Computing for Scientists  
Basic level, has at least 60 credit course/s at the first level as prerequisites.
FYSB11 Physics: Basic Quantum Mechanics  
FYSB12 Physics: Basic Statistical Physics and Quantum Statistics  
FYSC11 Physics: Atomic and Molecular Physics    
FYSC12 Physics: Nuclear Physics and Reactors    
FYSC13 Physics: Solid State Physics    
FYSC14 Physics: Particle Physics, Cosmology and Accelerators    
FYSD13 Physics: Processing and Device Technology    
FYSD21 Physics: Materials Analysis at the Nanoscale  
GEMF05 Gender in Science and Engineering    
MNXA02 Gender in Science and Technology    
ÄFYC01 Fysik 3: Quantum Physics with Didactics    
Advanced level, has the course/s at the first level as prerequisites
FYSN11 Physics Experiments in Research and Society    
FYSN13 Physics: Electromagnetism    
FYSN14 Physics: Lasers    
FYSN15 Physics: Experimental tools    
FYST11 Physics: Theoretical Nuclear Physics    
FYST14 Physics: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy    
FYST15 Physics: Semiconductor Physics    
FYST23 Experimental Biophysics    
FYST24 The Physics of Low-dimensions    
FYST29 Physics: Multi-spectral Imaging    
FYST36 Physics: Molecular Physics    
FYST38 Physics: Environmental Monitoring    
FYST40 Physics: Nanomaterials - thermodynamics and kinetics    
FYST43 Physics: Optics and Optical Design    
METN11 Physics: Chemistry and Physics of the Atmosphere  
Advanced level, course/s at an advanced level as prerequisites
FYST27 Physics: Electron Structure of Solids and Surfaces    
FYST31 Physics: Advanced Processing of Nanostructures    
FYST37 Physics: Advanced Quantum Mechanics    
FYST39 Physics: Nanoelectronics    
ÄFYA11 No English Translation Available    
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