​​FYTN15: Statistical Mechanics​, 7.5 credits 

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The course aims to impart advanced concepts and methods to describe interacting systems with many particles and critical phenomena; the course deals with, among other things, Ising model, transfer matrix method, the mean field theory and renormalization

Term: ​Autumn           Period: ​2
Level: ​A
Language: English
Course responsible: Anders Irbäck​
Registration/Requirements: LUBAS
Form of teaching
The teaching consists of a combination between lectures and exercises.​​​
Lectures: ​​​28 hours
Excercise sessions: 12 hours
Seminar Presentation​: 16 hours


Hand-in exercises, seminar presentation and oral exam

Grading scale: U-G-VG


  •  David Chandler, Introduction to modern statistical mechanics (Oxford University Press)

Recommendations for further reading:

  • Mehran Kardar, Statistical physics of particles (Cambridge University Press)
  • Mehran Kardar, Statistical physics of fields (Cambridge University Press)
  • James P. Sethna, Statistical mechanics: entropy, order parameters and complexity (Oxford Master Series in Physics​
Teachers and Assistants
  • Anders Irbäck, anders@thep.lu.se                                                                                                  

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