Choosing Your Optional Courses!

General Information:

Within the BIDS programme, each student has the opportunity to study optional courses equaling 30 ECTS in order to either further specialise within your chosen major or broaden your degree, see example below:

Student 1: Chooses to major in political science. In year 2, the student starts by studying 30 ECTS at the department of Political Science which qualifies him or her to have the discipline as a major. When the spring term starts the student who really enjoys the subject chooses to study an additional 30 ECTS in political science, and will thus have these to count as his optional courses. The student has thus chosen to use his or her optional credits to further specialise within the discipline of his or her choice.

Student 2: This student is unsure of whether s/he should major in sociology or economic history. The student chooses to study 30 ECTS in each subject during year 2, and chooses in the autumn semester of the third year which one to have as a major.

Student 3: This student knows that s/he wants to write her thesis about rural development at a local community in Kenya from a gender perspective, so s/he chooses to study 30 ECTS in human geography as major and to combine this with 15 ECTS Gender Studies and 15 ECTS Sociology. 

Is there a limitation to what type of courses I can choose?

Yes! The courses you choose must be relevant to the programme and need to be cross checked and approved by programme staff. Send the titles of the courses that you are interested in (together with the course description or links to the course syllabi) to and get your pre-approval of BIDS elective courses. Accreditation of elective courses is performed only after pre-approved courses are finished.

General rules about BIDS electives:

  • these courses should have a strong connection to social sciences or include social perspective in their syllabi;
  • language courses are not allowed as BIDS electives;
  • courses within natural sciences and arts/humanities without any connection to the social sciences' perspective are usually not allowed - the specific decision is made individually about each course;
  • BIDS electives cannot overlap with your obligatory programme courses.

Spring 2018, elective courses within Political Science

For students who are taking STVC02/STVC05 during Autumn 2017: application directly to the Department of Political Science according to the following instructions BIDS-PolSci-optional credits_spring2018.pdf

For students who are NOT taking STVC02/STVC05: you are welcome to make your application through for "STVA12 Statsvetenskap: Grundkurs" (in Swedish) at Lund University or for corresponding course (in English or in Swedish) at any other Swedish university.


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